Commodore Welcome

Welcome to the Dunedin Boat Club Website,

If you are new to our community then a big double welcome to our fair city, Dunedin is known as the “Home of Honeymoon Island” and is it truly “Delightful”.  If you are a long term resident and just discovered the best kept secret in Dunedin, then welcome too!

I moved to Dunedin and almost immediately joined the Boat Club.   Why you ask?    Well, I have to tell you a little story about my introduction to the Dunedin Boat Club.  In the last century about 1991 or 1992, I was visiting what I thought was Clearwater and noted this really neat marina with a bunch of cool boats, with a downtown with shopping and great places to eat.  So stopped and had lunch, and then walked toward the water.      I ended up on the west side of the marina at the Boat Club house where I saw two old guys (Carl Young and Mr. Weber) messing about inside the Boat Club.     On my second pass by the club they both invited me into the club to take a look.      The place was unbelievably cool with Club Pennants hanging in the rafters, old trophies in the cases,  pictures with lots of character on the walls, big ship models…and the million dollar view from the back or west porch at sunset.  I was hooked!

At that point I hesitantly asked what the dues were and fully expecting it to be in stratosphere and way out of my range. They both said “$50.00 a year, that keeps the “riff raff” out and they give you key so you can come go as you like”, I was hooked and in the boat on this!    I wanted to be a part of this organization!  That’s my story.    If you are reading this and come to the Dunedin Boat Club please tell me your story.  I would love to hear it!   Consider this your invitation to come and visit us and see what we do, who we are, and enjoy a little of the best kept secret in Dunedin.

The Club is a very active organization and several actives going on each month.   We have a book club that meets every month with wine and discussion, a cruising group that sails or motors to weekend location and several times a year, major parties that we have almost every month (Pig Roast, FUFU party, Super Bowl, Chili cook off, and many more).  We have very competitive sail boat racing season in the summer and winter with a 30 year old plus year old Regatta we host every year.  We build a great Mardi Gras Float and the whole club is involved in this!   After all Dunedin has the 3rd largest Mardi Gras parade in the world with over 35,000 people involved.  We, as a club, are socially active and contribute in dollars and time to many Dunedin area charities and organizations.    …and more!

So if you interested or just have a question, please do not hesitate to contact me or any Boat Club member  and please come to meeting at the Boat Club the third Monday of each month we start usually around 7:30, but there are usually people there early enjoying the sunset, so come on down!

Terry Hopkins

Commodore Dunedin Boat Club