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dunedin boat club 

Gary Shellenberger
Committee Chairperson


The Dunedin Boat Club has a long tradition of varied overnight cruising trips throughout the year.  Some of our trips are annual traditions.  

Our cruises are for members, as this is a benefit of being a DBC member.  If a non-member wishes to join us, they can come as a guest of a member.  That member is responsible for their guest at all times.  Upcoming events are listed below. 

You must register online for all cruise events, whether attending by boat or land.  When you register, please indicate if you have guests attending.  When we go to a restaurant for dinner, I need to provide them with an accurate headcount so they can properly accommodate us.  

As a member of Yacht Club Of America (YCA), DBC members have Reciprocity with many other boat/yacht clubs that allow us to visit them and use their facilities.  Their fees and ‘perks’ vary depending on the individual club  YCA's reciprocity benefits typically apply to members only.

I hope to see you soon at an upcoming Cruiser's event!

Upcoming Cruising Events

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