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dunedin boat club 

Rosemary O’Hara
Committee Chairperson
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Membership Information

Becoming a member of the Dunedin Boat Club (DBC) is a great way to meet other boat owners and boating enthusiasts in the local area, participate in boating and non-boating social events, and build lasting friendships.  Our members come from varied backgrounds with a common interest, boating!  We are involved extensively in the local community and support many local civic organizations.  

DBC is a 100% volunteer organization (no paid staff).  DBC Members are expected to regularly volunteer their time each year.  Everyone brings a unique set of skills and interests to the table.  During the application process, you will be asked to indicate which groups and activities within DBC would be most interesting to you in volunteering your time.  Over time, most members see many more opportunities and fun activities where they want to volunteer their time.

We look forward to welcoming you soon at an upcoming monthly General Membership Meetings or a Quarterly Orientation Meeting.  See below for upcoming meetings or link to our online calendar from the menu above.

Membership Process

The Dunedin Boat Club offers family and individual memberships.  Application instructions and associated fees are detailed on the application form located at the link below.  New member applications are reviewed at the monthly Board Meetings.  Board Meetings are on the first Monday of each month. 

General Membership Meetings and Orientation Meetings

The General Membership Meetings are held on the third Monday each month.  The meeting location is the Dunedin Boat Club Clubhouse, located on the west side of the Dunedin Municipal Marina.  

The monthly meetings cover a wide range of topics such as cruising, boating safety,  member’s travels, and local issues that affect the Club.  We feature presentations by a mix of members and guest speakers.  The dates of our upcoming Monthly Membership meetings are listed below.

The Orientation Meetings are held on a quarterly basis and are targeted at new members and potential new members.  

Both of these meetings are held at the Dunedin Boat Club Clubhouse, located on the west side of the Dunedin Municipal Marina.  Check our online calendar or the meeting list below for exact dates and start times of each meetings.

Directions to Dunedin Boat Club:  
To access the Dunedin Boat Club, you can walk or drive along the roadway on the South side of the marina, next to the boat ramp.  This is a one-lane road, so please use caution and be courteous to others approaching from the opposite direction.

Membership Application and Fees

You can download a PDF copy of our application using the "Download Application" button below.  You can also pick up a copy of our application from our Membership Chairperson at our monthly General Membership Meetings.

Upcoming General Membership and Orientation Meetings

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