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  • Book Club Meeting on Oct. 11, 2023

Book Club Meeting on Oct. 11, 2023

  • 10/11/2023
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Location is provided upon registration.


Registration is closed

Our hosts for this month are Adrienne McClelland and Nancy Carlyle.

Our book is "Hang the Moon: A Novel," by Jeanette Walls.

From the author of “The Glass Castle,” comes the story of Sallie Kincaid, a feisty and fearless, terrified and damaged young woman who refuses to be corralled. She is the daughter of the biggest man in a small town in Virginia, Duke Kinkaid. She remembers little about her mother who died in a violent argument with the Duke. By the time she is eight years old, Duke had remarried and had a son, Eddie. While Sallie is like her father, sharp-witted and resourceful, Eddie is like his mother, timid and cerebral. When Sallie tries to teach Eddie to be more like their father, her daredevil coaching leads to an accident and Sallie is cast out. 

Nine years later, Sallie returns to reclaim her place in the family, which is more complicated than she expects and she enters a world of conflict and lawlessness. Sallie confronts the secrets and scandals that hide in the shadows of the Big House, navigates the factions in the family and town, and finally comes into her own as a bold, sometimes reckless bootlegger.

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