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  • Kayak/Paddle Caladesi Mangrove Trail/Scharrer Homestead

Kayak/Paddle Caladesi Mangrove Trail/Scharrer Homestead

  • 04/10/2024
  • 9:30 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Next to Sail Honeymoon (on the right side as you face the water) on the Causeway (61 Causeway Blvd, Dunedin)
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Caladesi Mangrove Trail and Stop at Scharrer Homestead

Close to Home AND an Amazing Kayak trip through the Caladesi mangrove trails and a stop at the Scharrer Homestead!

Trip Duration:  This trip offers a short (2.5 hours) and long version (4.5 hours).  The estimated timing includes the paddle to/from the causeway to the starting point of the mangrove trail at the marina (1 mile/45 minutes estimated each way).  You are free to choose whichever version you prefer as we can break into 2 groups if there are choices for both options.   

Starting and ending location:  Next to Sail Honeymoon (on the right side as you face the water) on the Causeway (61 Causeway Blvd, Dunedin)

Rentals are available at Sail Honeymoon ( 

Please register so we have a good headcount and waivers completed.

Bring:  beverage, lunch, especially if planning the long route, sun screen, bug spray (hopefully not needed), and anything else for a fun trip!  Also, since we are in a state park, bring your pass or $2/person to pay at the ranger station when we get to the marina.

The trip: 

  1. Leaving from the causeway at 930am.
  2. About 1 mile/45 minutes along Caladesi Island to the marina.
  3. The start of the mangrove trail is off to the side of the marina.  The first leg inside the mangroves comes out in the sound, where people can decide if they want to head back to the causeway or continue on the longer route.  This short trip will be an estimated 2.5 hours total.
  4. For those who want to do the longer route (4.5 hours total estimated), we will continue into the mangroves.
  5. Along the way we will stop at the Scharrer Homestead and talk a little bit about Henry and his family, including Myrtle (daughter).   There are still parts of the homestead foundation and if you have read Myrtle’s book, Yesteryear I Lived In Paradise, it adds to the visit.
  6. We can enjoy our lunches at the homestead as well.
  7. We will then finish up in the mangroves and then paddle along the Island back to the causeway.  When we are tired and heading back, we can reflect on 9 year old Myrtle going to elementary school in Dunedin by rowing each way in her small row boat!!

If you want a view of the short and long routes, the AllTrails app is free for the basic version and the routes are included.  Here is a map of the mangrove trails provided by Eric.  Caladesi Mangrove Trail.pdf

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