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Kayaking Events

Upcoming Kayak Events

    • 12/03/2023
    • 10:00 AM
    • Rainbow River


    Rainbow River is an incredibly beautiful place. The water is crystal clear and changes color as you go along. 

    This is a very easy paddle, you can basically drift all the way if you want to. Rentals are available. This is a two hour drive from Dunedin, but worth it!

    Please see Rainbow River Rules at the bottom!

    Meeting Place

    Rainbow River Canoe and Kayak Rental

    12121 River View


    They will shuttle us to KP Hole Park for an approximate launch time of 10:30 am. $26 to shuttle your own kayak, $45 daily rental. You must reserve a space for either (see contact info at the bottom).


    1.  Paddle/Float downriver to the end of the river.  This takes approximately 2 hours paddling or 3 hours drifting.

    2. Paddle upstream to the headwaters (current is only 2 mph) then paddle/drift back to the end of the river (4 - 5 hours).

    Please bring any snacks and drinks that you need. There are limited places to stop and no facilities while paddling. There is a restaurant at the end of the river where we can eat afterwards.

    Rainbow River Rules

    No disposable containers allowed.  Only non-disposable, dishwasher-safe containers such as thermoses, travel mugs, and Tupperware are allowed. Even Ziploc bags are not allowed. There are many officials that patrol the river and they can fine you for having disposable food or drink containers in your boat. 

    Contact info

    Rainbow River Canoe and Kayak

    12121 River View


    Located behind the Bingo Hall.

    Book a rental or shuttle space online or call 352-489-7854

    Your Host

    Terri Bishop

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